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Boudoir without the Mom Guilt with Flexible Payment Plans

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I'm a Cincinnati, OH boudoir and branding photographer.  Im also an adhd mom of 4, podcaster and wife juggling a business and helping women to discover, focus and create a life that honors their hard stuff, and make money doing it.  It's time to see what happens when you show up, help others and .. yes, make money doing it. 

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Treat Yourself to an Ultimate Boudoir Experience without Mom Guilt

What if you could do something for you without mom guilt? By now you’ve seen this time and time again either in your own motherhood or maybe even when you were a child. What if you could do for you and not have mom guilt? Ditch the mom guilt by adding options for making your boudoir experience payment options flexible.

boudoir shoot in the woods, plus size boudoir in the woods.

Moms give. it’s one of the things that makes being a mother and having one so amazing. That said, society has spent a lot on glorifying the selflessness to a point of depletion. In my own childhood I can remember being 16 and going to a school dance and us teens having dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown. My mom commented that she had never been there and I don’t really remember her ever going to any. When I was 18 I got to go on an amazing trip to Ireland, Scotland and England and my mom made that happen. She rarely took a trip herself, if any, except for a mission trip she went on to Peru, but that wasn’t for herself. The giving didn’t stop there, of course. My mom didn’t hesitate to drop a lot of money on sports, Christmas or anything else involving her kids and left herself last.

It’s Your Turn to Treat Yourself with Boudoir

A boudoir experience in many ways is a way back to you. Many of my clients have been through a lot of hard stuff, life will do that to you.. and it’s only after all that hard stuff that they give themselves a reward. I have clients who are working on getting fit and healthy and they treat reward themselves along the way with a boudoir shoot. These are great reasons to have a boudoir shoot, but I’m here to tell you that you can treat yourself with a boudoir session because you want it. It’s ok for you to have and want nice things, and it’s my hope that these flexible payment plans and prepayment perks help you finally treat yourself.

What do you want in a boudoir experience?

boudoir shoot in woods

Prepare for your boudoir experience by thinking about what you want and when you want to do the shoot. Some clients want a few prints and some want an album or wall print to make a space just for them in their room. There are some that do special gifts for their significant others and some who just do it for them. Knowing what you want is key to getting it. Seems simple right?

Our collections start at $1900 and our most popular collections is the Emerald collection at $2900. There is no minimum order required at this time. For a current full pricing guide shoot me an email here.

Available PrePayment Options for your Boudoir Experience

1.) Pay in full for your boudoir experience prints and products at booking or at the image reveal and ordering appointment.

how it works: choose your desired collection and pay in full.

2.) Pay over time for your future boudoir experience. You can do this with Paypal Credit for 0% financing or Pay as you go here and there as you can via paypal).

How it works: Choose your collection and make payments to it prior to your boudoir shoot date. Start your payment plan up to 12 months in advance. It is recommended to allow for 3 months prior at minimum. These are done with credit or debit only and you must have 2 cards on file for the duration of the plan.

3.) Pay after your session. You can do a payment plan up to 3 months following your boudoir session. Prints and products and digital products purchased aren’t ordered until the order is paid in full.

how it works: It is recommended that you pay at the image reveal and ordering session or prior to your session. if you decide to wait until after we allow payment plans of 3 months. payments made are non-refundable and two valid credit/debit cards are required for auto withdrawals. If you want to apply for paypal credit and learn details click here.

You get a Pre-Payment Perk and You get a Pre-Payment Perk!

Prepaying for your collection not only ensures that you will get what you want without mom guilt, but you’ll get PERKS!

Choose a Prepayment Perk!

Extra Shoot Time at Studio Location-30 min

Family Shoot Add On-Use that Pro Makeup and Confidence (um and leave someone else to get the kids ready.. y’all that may be the best part! You get to just show up and get some shots with your family).

Extra edits to your gallery

$99 off your collection

All prepayments are a credit towards the final order. Sales tax applies to order.

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Hi, I'm Angel.
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After losing my mom suddenly I learned quickly that life is hard and you need people to get through the hard stuff. As a mom of 4 ranging from 2 to 17 I know chaos. Add in adhd, entrepreneurship, all the swirling ideas and that crushing grief I knew there had to be another way. 

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