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Top Boudoir Photography Studios in Cincinnati, OH

Want to know my top boudoir photography studios in Cincinnati, OH? As a boudoir photographer in Cincinnati, OH I love the variety of studio options that our city brings. As a boudoir photography client of mine you get to customize your shoot! This starts with choosing your studio. It’s great to look at photos here and in the Cincinnati Boudoir Photography VIP group so you can communicate your aesthetic and preferences to me. Boudoir photography studio selection is step 3 in the boudoir experience. Studio selection is fun and a source for inspiration, but don’t forget to go to steps 1 and 2 first.

The Boudoir Photography Process for the Cincinnati Boudoir Experience

  • Step One: Boudoir Photo Shoot Inquiry Form and Client Consultation: Schedule yours here.
  • Step Two: What is Boudoir Photography to You?: In this step you send my your inspiration photos, boudoir photo shoot ideas and tell me more about you. This can be done by coming to my Cincinnati Boudoir Photography VIP group here . Come over to the group ad comment on photos that show your aesthetic and shares your vision for the shoot. This step is also coupled with completion of the client questionnaire, which tells me your story and informs our boudoir photo shoot experience.
  • Step Three: Boudoir Photography Studio Selection: Here you choose your studio choices. I can give recommendations based on the inspiration and input from the previous steps, or you can check out the studio selection guide in your email from yours truly. Feel free to choose one studio for both hours of your shoot, or two studios in the same building. If you just can’t choose your photo shoot fave then feel free to add time to your shoot.
  • Step Four: Client Closet Preferences: Using the boudoir photos you’ve commented on and any input from the client questionnaire I’ll fill in any gaps I see in the client and bring items for your boudoir photo shoot day. At this time all you need to bring to your boudoir photo shoot is the following: bra and panty set that you love, black thong and a pair of high heels if you’d like. Please see the Boudoir Experience Prep Guide found here. (This is being updated and will be loaded soon)
  • Step Five: Boudoir Experience Photo Shoot Day: The day has come girl! You will arrive for your ultimate beauty experience with our amazing makeup artist then arrive at your studio of choice. I will direct you how to do the boudoir poses and guide you every step of the way. You will leave feeling confident, sexy and proud of showing up for yourself. Another facet of yourself is awakened!
  • Step Six: The Big Reveal: About a week or so after your shoot we’ll meet in my Liberty Twp. home office, or zoom for out of town boudoir clients, and do the big reveal. During this step you’ll get to see your photos on a slide show, pick your favorites for your album and finalize your prints and product choices. This has become my favorite step because I get to see you go from critiquing your body to not being able to choose favorites.

My Two Favorite Boudoir Photography Studios in Cincinnati, OH

As an adhd boudoir photographer, and mulit-passionate entrepreneur my boudoir photography favorites change from time to time. I tend to get hyper focused on the new photography set ups and change favorite studios from time to time. The following studios have had amazing consistency in meeting and exceeding my expectations when it comes to a variety of boudoir shoot options. These have been my main boudoir photography choices for my boudoir shoots. These give a good mix of light/airy set ups and dark/moody. I love how these boudoir photography studios are centrally located to Cincinnati and have parking and plenty of space for creative boudoir photography shoots.

Millstreet Studios

This boudoir photography studio is located at 120 Mill St. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Millstreet Studios has many studio options all in this one location.

My favorite at Millstreet Studios is Hampton

My favorite boudoir photography studio at Millstreet Studios is Hampton. This is mostly because I can make it seem like we used 3-4 photo studios. One side of the room is a black wall and leather couch, which has a dark and moody vibe and has been great for creating classic boudoir photo shoots. It also has an area with a large gold mirror, clawfoot bathtub, greenery, bed and gold accents throughout. The color scheme, antique elements and mix of feminine and masculine decor makes it seem like I’m using 3-4 boudoir studios without leaving. Other boudoir photography sets I’ve done with this area is bourbon boudoir themed sets, guitar themed sets, goddess set, sports team sets, white sheet set and so many more! Which is your favorite?

MillStreet Studio Boudoir Photography Options

Locust and Vine Studios

This boudoir photography studio is located at the corner of Locust and Vine, hence the name. The address for this photography studio is 5901 Vine St. It has a light and airy room, complete with an awesome bathroom, roll down system for paper and loads of props. The studios here are The Studio, The Space and The Loft.

The Studio

The Studio is the all white studio and has become my favorite for branding photography, and light and airy sets like the white sheet boudoir set and bathtub set. I love their living room area set up, white brick and floor and an all white bed and many studio options.

The Space

They also have a first floor one that is called The Space, although this one can’t be used for boudoir photography. Great option for branding photography though.

The Loft

The top floor of Locust and Vine has an airbnb set up complete with dark and moody room, light and airy room, awesome shower and roll down system for paper. This boudoir photography studio has been amazing for shower boudoir sets, branding sessions, boho boudoir photography sessions and so much more. The kitchen has been a must for the birthday boudoir sessions too!

Definitely a go to Boudoir Photography Studio

This boudoir photography studio is definitely one of my main go to studios for shooting boudoir photography in Cincinnati, OH. There is a third studio is a third photography studio called the space. The space isn’t available for boudoir photography for privacy concerns, but would be a great option for branding photography.

I prefer a little bit of both of these boudoir photography studios.

When I shoot my boudoir photography shoots in Locust and Vine my preference is to do half in studio and half in loft. At times I do the whole shoot in one, typically when water is involved for the shower or bathtub shoot.

Locust and Vine Boudoir Photography Options

Boudoir Photography Sessions

You’ll find work samples from these studios and studios in the surrounding areas in the blogs to come. In the meantime, check out some of my client work in the Cincinnati Boudoir Photography VIP group and the boudoir portfolio here.

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