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I'm a Cincinnati, OH boudoir and branding photographer.  Im also an adhd mom of 4, podcaster and wife juggling a business and helping women to discover, focus and create a life that honors their hard stuff, and make money doing it.  It's time to see what happens when you show up, help others and .. yes, make money doing it. 

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Podcast Repurpose Workflow Checklist

Are you ready to finally have some follow through and keep track of what you want to do, create and promote? It’s time to stop with all the various notebooks and bring all your amazing ideas to one place with the Podcast Workflow Checklist. This is a landing zone for all of your podcast ideas and inspiration.

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Are you ready to simplify?

You need to simplify. You are going to burnout or feel like you are failing at something if you don’t simplify. It’s time to build self awareness around the all or nothing mentality. Let’s begin realizing that this idea of “all the things” or “all or nothing” will eventually become emotionally uncomfortable. I know, because this is me. Check out post about ADHD Paralysis here if you are an adhd mom or entrepreneur. Ok now we know we need to make it easier, so now let’s do it.

Why Podcasting?

This isn’t a requirement to repurpose content, but this is mine of choice. Building a podcast workflow has allowed me to focus on one thing at a time and finally follow through. The reasons that I believe ADHD entrepreneurs should podcast will come up in the next episode, so be sure to subscribe for the Control the Chaos Mama Podcast here. For now, think of a large form content stream. This could be FB Live, YouTube, podcasting or a blog. Decide what is right for you.

Stop Feeling Behind

It’s time to stop feeling behind by making a plan, prioritizing energy and finally implement your ideas. If you are like me you resist structure, plans and obligations, but you also do better with it. I have learned about cycle syncing over this past year and have used cycle syncing to gauge my productivity and to batch my content. You can find out more about this in episode 35 and episode 60 on the Control the Chaos Mama Podcast. You are not behind. You get to decide what your day, your business

You will record your podcast and edit or outsource your episode. Subscribe so you don’t miss the upcoming episode on How I Record from my Phone next week if you want to get it SUPER simple!

Where to Start

I’m going to explain a way that you can repurpose in many different ways! Don’t get overwhelmed, know that you can omit the ones that you don’t want to show up for. What’s great about podcasting is that the content is evergreen and you can always come back to the older episodes and “catch up” on blogs and other parts of the list at any time. You are not behind, this can all happen in your time.


I learned to podcast from Stefanie Gass from The Stefanie Gass Show, which was then called Mompreneur Mastermind Show. I consumed her episodes on podcasting and found her on instagram and loved that she showed up authentic. I loved how she was able to be a mom and a business woman with podcasting giving her the flexibility I wanted. I jumped onto her Podcast Pro University and finished my podcast start up within 30 days. If you are interested in learning more about this, check out my affiliate link here. If you are overwhelmed with starting a podcast connect know that you can always ask for help. Next you will make graphics to promote your episode. I recommend that you pull a quote from your episode, a stories graphic, pinterest graphic and a IG Feed post/visual representation of your content. Don’t get overwhelmed, you can do all of this in canva and if you make most of them as a feed you can copy and resize for using them in stories. Use the stories graphic to make an audiograph, I use headliner for this.


Ok so record your podcast using Audacity and you can use zoom or streamyard if you are interested in recording video. Recording the video at the same time is a great option if you are interested in live recording to youtube or Facebook as you record the podcast. This is a great way for you to bring people to your podcast, as well as let your podcast community know that the conversation can continue in your Facebook group or Facebook page. You now have a recorded podcast as, potentially content for your you tube channel and facebook page too. I would recommend that you shoot for doing this once a month if not doing every episode. Doing this in your ovulation phase when you have more energy and are more naturally inclined to connect with others.

Blogging or Transcription

Now that you have the content from the podcast then you now transcribe it using Temi or any other transcription software. You don’t have to transcribe in order to blog, but it might be helpful to outsource the writing section in that way. Another option is to use your bullet points from prior to doing the episode to create a blog, like the one I’m doing now. I prefer this way, because it bugged me how the transcription was conversational and not in blog form. Know that in the past I have even had my “blog” written out in my show notes of my podcast and set up an automation for wordpress to publish whatever I put there. Good, better, best is a great motto to have at this stage, or online business overall. Keep the movement going forward and just get it done over perfection. If you are interested in how I set up my blog on Showit Dm me on instagram or via email and I will do an episode on it or provide more help in my FB community.

Batch for Momentum

Once you start something you probably don’t want to stop. You probably feel like you want to marathon it and have trouble switching to and from different tasks as an ADHD entrepreneur, multi-passionate or creative rebel. Batching allows to to consider your energy at different times of your cycle, if you use cycle syncing. This can allow you to get ahead and know what you want to create and then create a lot at one time. During follicular I recommend recording your podcast, during ovulation I recommend doing that FB live episode if you want or maybe even doing a video. If you decide to do video I recommend that you use a third party app like Videoshop and that way you can use the video on reels or tiktok. Remember, you get to decide how much you repurpose. Repurposing is still work, so be mindful on your priority list. Use the pinterest graphic and tailwind to pin and repin on pinterest. This brings traffic to your podcast, blog, social channels.


Work Smarter Not Harder

You are one smart cookie. You know you like new and exciting things and creative endeavors. You can use the podcast repurpose workflow to simplify your processes and workflow. If you want a written way to keep track of this you can use my Podcast Repurpose Workflow in my shop here.

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